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This site was created to share information, press, events and updates among community members regarding the possible demolition of the PS 199 School on West 70th Street for the primary purpose of building a new luxury residential building of about 50 floors at the same location – with no public process in place to first address how such a radical new action would impact the more important educational and life quality needs of our community.  We are a group of highly-concerned Lincoln Square area residents who are opposed to the demolition and reconstruction of the PS199 site due to the serious disruption and displacement it would cause to our schoolchildren and broader community over the course of many years, the substantial short and long-term burden to our community's infrastructure, transportation and subway systems, and the safety risks that will attach to such a major project.  Above all, we are concerned about a shocking lack of community involvement and transparency in the decision-making process surrounding these proposals to date - and demand a strong and decisive voice in whether, and in what form, any of these proposals can proceed given the potential serious impact on our community.

Our immediate goal is to bring the ECF/DOE process to a halt.  We want the City, DOE and ECF to: I) openly engage the community to assess the needs of the school,  the neighborhood, and all the surrounding and supporting infra-structure requirements; and II) create a list of project requirements based on these considerations and assessments and explore alternatives, with full open and transparent community involvement.

This is a community effort, so if you have something to contribute please let us know.

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David Saphier 


Laura Wilson

And, has been constructed with the help of other concerned neighbors of PS199.

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