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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

High School of Cooperative Technical Education - the other school.

Coop Tech is the third school mentioned in the ECF proposal other than PS 199 and PS 191.  I was able to visit this school yesterday and it is amazing.  This is a school for students not on a college track but for those who want to learn a skill and get out into the workforce.  A large portion of the school is essentially a factory for learning where welding, carpentry, electrician skills, green energy, automotive mechanics - 17 separate programs in all are taught.  Once students complete their course work the school has an active internship and job placement program.

I looked at this school and could not image how 1) it could possibly be moved on a temporary basis because of all the equipment and specialized set up, and 2) how it could exist with a luxury high-rise atop it.  If this school is chosen for demolition and re-development I'd like to hear from the DOE how they will preserve it and put it back together again.

But, the impression I really walked away with is that the city needs another 10 schools like this one.  For any kid not on a college track, what is better, more standardized testing or training for a real job?

You can check out their brochure here.

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