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Friday, May 17, 2013

The Time Clock

Our district needs more elementary and middle school seats, and a dedicated District 3 high school.  These goals can be better achieved through the creation of new schools instead of rebuilding existing schools. Rebuilding schools would have negative impacts, including moving students to temporary schools, closing playgrounds, increasing the density of our neighborhood, increasing demand for student seats, and potentially losing an architecturally significant building (PS 199.)   We have previously outlined how this advertised Offering Memorandum / RFEI proposes a school that is at best marginally bigger than the existing school (we estimate 12 additional students for PS 199), with much of the space underground.

We have posted a time clock on the right column of this site.  This shows the amount of time that has passed since the DOE announced their proposal to demolish and re-develop three possible schools in the city on October 29, 2012. Today is the 200th day.

Below is the original announcement as it appeared in Crain's.  Notice that it is not presented as a first, preliminary step.  It is presented as, "The Offering Memorandum."  Further, on the back page of the supporting document (RFEI) it states, "CBRE is pleased to invite you to participate in the bidding for this premier investment opportunity."  To us, that does not read like a first step.  It reads like a request for serious offers for the property(s).

We see no downside in asking the DOE to engage with the community now.  Why wait?  What's the downside of standing up and speaking now?

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